Water Billing and Cost


Association Community Water Service Fees are due 30 days from the billing date. A Semi-annual billing is sent in April and October. Effective April 1, 2023, the rate for community water services is $275.00 ($550.00 Annually). The Treasurer of the Franklin Knolls Homeowners Association sends out bills to all owners.

A late charge of 1 1/2 % of the unpaid balance will be assessed if payment is not received by that date.  Additional reminders will be sent out and after 90 days further legal action will be taken, including placing a lien on your home, filing for redress in court and  terminating water service to the home. If water service is terminated,   a $150.00 shut-off charged will be imposed. Water service will not be reinstated until all delinquent charges and the $150.00 shut-off charge is paid in full with a money order or cashier’s check.

The community water service fee is used to maintain two community wells and pumps, emergency generator, maintenance of water mains  and fire hydrants  and provides all our water and  water testing to meet State and Federal requirements. The fee also supports the Association in maintaining the landscape, entranceways, Subdivision Directory, Subdivision Newsletter and other services that the Board of Directors and membership direct.


The costs of the operation, maintenance and repair of the common system, except as otherwise noted below, shall be paid for by the Association’s water service fund.  The costs of operation, maintenance and repair of a household system shall be paid for by the individual lot owner.


 Except as noted below, extraordinary unbudgeted expenses necessarily incurred for the operation, maintenance or repair of the common system shall be paid for by special assessment.  An assessment for this purpose shall be made and collected in accordance with Article V, Section 7 of the Bylaws of the Association.


Oakland County sends out a combined water and sewer bill quarterly to all residences of Oakland County.  Residents utilizing Franklin Knolls Homeowners Association water system will received billing for sewer only from Oakland County Water and does not include charges for water. Your subdivision provides and bills the homeowners for water.

Any questions pertaining to our drinking water or the water system should be directed to our water system contact person.  See our Contact Us page for more information