City Water Conversion Engineering Study and Cost

History: Per request at the 2019 Annual Meeting,  The Franklin Knolls HOA board reached out to the city of Farmington Hills for information on what the costs would be to provide city water to each home in our subdivision.  

A number of Franklin Knolls homeowners signed a petition showing there was interest in knowing what these costs would be to convert to city water. As a result, an engineering study and cost estimate was conducted by the city of Farmington Hills.

City Meeting April 19, 2022: The city of Farmington Hills held an Informational meeting with homeowners of Franklin Knolls subdivision regarding the possibility of providing public water mains in the Franklin Knolls subdivision. Below are documents and a video from that meeting:

City of Farmington Hills Information Packet

City of Farmington Hills Meeting Presentation

Recorded Meeting April 19, 2022 on YouTube

Franklin Knolls HOA Special Meeting May 12, 2022: Homeowners were invited to a special in-person meeting at Warner school. The meeting included:

  • A viewing of the April 19, 2022 city of Farmington Hills meeting above.
  • Information that we thought would be beneficial in making the decision regarding the city water mains petition drive.
  • Questions and Answer session.

Here are the minutes from that meeting
Franklin Knolls HOA Special Meeting May 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Results of the Water Main Petition from the City of Farmington Hills – June 27, 2022:
Letter announcing the results