WATER TIPS – Line Flushing and Cross Connections

 Whether you are new to the sub or a long time resident, here are some helpful tips regarding the care and maintenance of your water:


  • Measuring the flow rate at your home at least annually is very beneficial.  It can give you a good indication of how much mineral buildup there is in the water line to your home.   More details can be found in these downloadable forms:
  • On a periodic basis you should have your household lines ‘blown out’ to clear the mineral deposits in them.  This is accomplished with an oil-free air compressor.
  • You should notify the residents adjoining your house and other homes near you when you are doing this.
  • There are members within our subdivision and contractors that will do this for you for a small fee.  Currently we know of two:
    • Scott Wood (Scott Wood Services LLC) (Franklin Knolls resident and board member) – (248) 716-0810. Email scottwoodj@gmail.com
    • Derrick Belounega (Oakland Well and Pump) – (248) 561-3878 –  Does all the line flushing/blow outs for Briarcliff Knolls subdivision.
      ** This contact list is not an endorsement of anyone listed here.   It’s purpose is only to provide contact information of people that provide this service.  Please contact us if you or your company would like to be included with this list.** 
  • If your neighbor is blowing out their lines it is advisable that you shut off the water to your house (valve in the basement near your sub pump) to prevent back flow of minerals into your system.
  • Cross Connections – Please read, understand and safeguard potential cross connections points at your home.   The DEQ’s “Cross Connections” brochure explains these areas of concerns.
  • If you have a grandfathered in sprinkler system on your property, please make sure Franklin Knolls HOA is aware of this.   Periodic testing of the device to prevent backflow contamination is also required.  Contact the HOA for more information.


  • Periodically, the FKHA Board will flush the mineral deposits from the fire hydrant lines.  This work is typically done by board member volunteers on a Saturday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. and continues for 3-4 hrs.
  • Signage will be posted at the entrance to the sub at least 1 week in advance.
  • During this time frame you should shut off the water to your house.   You should not use your water during this time frame.
  • After the flushing is complete, you should run the hoses outside your house to clear any residual deposits.

Any questions pertaining to our drinking water, our water system, or the above recommendations please see our Contact Us page