Use of Property


When a home is sold, the title company will require the seller to supply a release from the Farmington Hills Homeowners Association that all fees have been paid. Please contact the Treasurer for the form a few weeks before closing.

NOTE: You can now ask for a status letter online.   Here is a link to the Status Letter Request.


To save time, any homeowner planning an addition or major alteration to their home, should review their plans with the Board in order to comply with local ordinances and the possible requirement of a code variance.


A.  Lots 1 and 2 of Subdivision One (1) may be used for the construction, operation and maintenance of a water system thereon which may supply water to all of the lots in said subdivision and to property neighboring, adjoining, adjacent and/or contiguous thereto.  Said lots may also be used as a private park(s).

B.  Lots 3-105 inclusive shall be used for residence purpose only.

C. Lots 110-161 inclusive shall be used for residence purpose only.


No residence shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any of Lots 1 to 105 inclusive and 110-161 inclusive closer to the front or side property lines thereof than as hereinafter set forth to-wit:

A.  Front building line – not closer than thirty-five (35) feet from the front lot line.

B.  Side building line – not closer than ten (10) feet from the side lot lines.


 A.  No building shall be erected on any of said Lots 1 to 105 inclusive and 110-161 inclusive except a single private dwelling to be occupied by not more than one (1) family for residence purposes only, with the necessary out-buildings, appurtenances thereto, and not more than one (1) such residence shall be erected on any of such Lots 1 to 105 inclusive and Lots 110-161 inclusive.

B.  Garages or carports must be attached to each dwelling, and the same shall be used only for the purpose of housing automobiles.

C.  No owner of any of said Lots 1 to 105 inclusive and Lots 110-161 inclusive shall lease and/or sublet less than the whole of any dwelling.

D.  Temporary structures shall not be permitted on any lot or lots in said subdivision without the written consent of the Franklin Knolls Improvement Association.

E.  No stable may be erected on any of the Lots in said subdivision.

F.  All dwellings erected on Lots 1 to 105 inclusive and 110-161 inclusive shall contain a minimum of thirteen hundred (1300) square feet of living area.  Garages, carports, breezeways and/or basements are not to be included in the determination or computation of living area.

G.  All dwellings shall be of brick or brick veneer; provided, however, sand lime brick, poured concrete brick, cinder brick or cinder block shall not be used as an exterior surface in any of said dwellings.  Wood, stone, glass or ledge rock may be used in combination with brick, providing that the same does not exceed fifty (50) per cent of the exterior surface, unless authorized in writing by Franklin Knolls Improvement Association, through its duly authorized representatives.


No animals shall be permitted to be kept or maintained on any lot in said subdivision, excepting, however, that cats or dogs as household pets may be maintained and kept in the residence of the owner of any such lots.


The easements and roadways as set forth in the recorded plat of the above described subdivision are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof.


A.  All sewage shall be disposed of by sanitary methods approved by the Michigan Department of Health or by such public body as may succeed to its duties and function.  No sewage, effluent, garbage or other refuse shall be permitted to enter any lake, canal or waterway within the subdivision or bordering thereon.

B.  No well shall be dug, installed or constructed on any of the lots in the above described subdivision except with the written approval of Franklin Knolls Improvement Association.


A.  No fence, wall or solid hedge may be erected, grown or maintained in front of or along the front building line of any lot, nor shall any fence or wall erected on or between the side lines of any lot be more than four feet in height or extended forward and beyond the front building line.  A solid masonry brick or stone wall may be erected at the rear of Lots 100 to 105 inclusive, and at the rear of Lots 106 to 109 inclusive.  No solid fence may be erected anywhere else in said subdivision.  No wire fences shall be permitted on any of the lots in the subdivision, but rather, permitted fences shall be of wood construction, of a ranch type, split rail or picket design.


 A.  All portions of the lots lying in front of the building line as herein before  set forth shall be used for ornamental purposes only.


 A.  No signs of any character or description may be erected or placed on any part of any lot in the above described subdivision without the written consent of Franklin Knolls Improvement Association.


 A.  Refuse, ashes, garbage and debris of any kind or nature shall be cared for in such a manner as not to be offensive to neighboring property owners.


A. Any dwelling or building on any lot in the within subdivision, which may in whole or in part be destroyed by fire, windstorm or otherwise, must be rebuilt with all reasonable dispatch and, pending such rebuilding, all debris shall be removed from such lot and property in order to preserve the sightly condition of the subdivision.


 A. With the exception of Lots 106 to 109 inclusive, no lot in said subdivision shall be subdivided or in any respect reduced in size in any manner whatever.  Lots may be enlarged by the consolidation of two or more of the same in their entirety under a single ownership and must be developed as a unit, and all restrictions as provided for hereunder shall apply to such consolidated lots as the same apply to any single lot.


A. Natural creeks and/or drainage ditches now located in said subdivision shall not be drained, filled, altered, changed, dammed or widened without the express written consent of the Franklin Knolls Improvement Association.


 A. Invalidation of any of the covenants, conditions or limitations in the instrument contained, by judgment or court order, shall in no wise affect any of the other covenants, conditions and limitations which shall remain in full force and effect.


 A. If any person shall violate or attempt to violate any of the covenants or restrictions herein contained, it shall be lawful for any other person or persons owning any lot or site in said subdivision to prosecute any proceeding at law or in equity against such person or persons either to prevent them from so doing or to recover damage or other dues for such violation.


A. The applicable provisions of the zoning law or ordinances of Farmington Township now in effect, or hereafter altered, amended or enlarged by Franklin Township or any successor political governing body, are incorporated herein by reference, and the same shall be observed by all subsequent purchasers of the lands comprising said subdivision.