Hunter Pasteur Homes Development Town Hall Meeting

info79972Hunter Pasteur Homes is currently working on a development plan for the former Eagle Elementary School site at the northwest corner of 14 Mile Road and Middlebelt. The development is called Gramercy Ridge.

The official approval process has not yet begun, but there have been preliminary and positive meetings with various Township officials. Our goal is to begin the approval process within the next several months; however, prior to beginning the official approval process, we would like to meet with all of the neighbors within a 600’ radius of the property in addition to members of your HOA. Residents living within a 600’ radius of the property will also receive this information in the mail . We would like to invite any members of your HOA to a town hall meeting on:

Thursday April 4th at 5:30 PM at the West Bloomfield Township’s Board Room.
West Bloomfield Civic Center, 4550 Walnut Lake Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48323,

We will discuss the proposed plans for the project. We hope that you will be able to attend and look forward to speaking with you about the project.

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Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted

A  boil water notice was previously given to the following homes on 3/26/19:  All homes on Shrewsbury as well as the following homes on Gilchrest:  29680 Gilchrest, 29650 Gilchrest, 29630 Gilchrest, 29610 Gilchrest, 29570 Gilchrest, 29546 Gilchrest, 29567 Gilchrest, 29601 Gilchrest, 29621 Gilchrest, 29641 Gilchrest, 29661 Gilchrest,

The boil water advisory is no longer in effect at these addresses.  All testing of our water is now complete and no issues were found.   Everyone in our subdivision may now use your water as you normally would. 

We would like say Thank You to everyone for understanding the situation.   We do everything we can to keep the system up and running.  In this case we had no choice but to shut down part of the system to make the necessary repairs.  As you probably know, a shut down of the water system is a very rare occurrence in our neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way.

We are still on Briarcliff’s water system.   Our pump house should be back on line probably early next week.   As this is switched back over you might see some sediment in the water.   If you do, running the water at an outside faucet or wash tub for 30 minutes or more will help in clearing it up.

Again Thank You to our residents for working with us, to our board members who helped with so many things during this and to our contractors, Brown Drilling, Aquatest and D’Angelo Brothers for doing their part and getting the job done.

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Michigan State Budget Survey



Our State Representative Christine Greig is asking for our input.   You can give her your input on the budget by taking this quick two question survey.


(From Christine Greig email update)

How Would YOU Write Michigan’s State Budget?

By now, many of us have seen Governor Whitmer’s proposed budget for Michigan, including her plan to fix the roads. However, I believe that more ideas and voices lead to better solutions. That’s why I’m inviting everyone to fill out a survey to share your opinion on the 2020 State Budget. You can also click on Take My Budget Survey on my home page.

Budget Survey


You can also sign up to get her email updates on this page too!

We are offering this link as a courtesy to our homeowners, who may wish to express their views to our state representatives. The FKHA board is in no way endorsing the views or positions of any political party.

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Water Valve Repair Complete – Boil Water Notice in Effect for Some Homes


Water system valve replacement is now complete – The water was shut off to some homes in the neighborhood and has now been turned back on.  The Homes listed below were given notice that they need to boil their water.

If you do not live on Shrewsbury or your address is not listed below then you can continue to use your water as you would normally.

———–Notice given to each home under the boil water notice———————-

Boil Water Notice

Water System Tips for Turning Back On the Water to Your Home  


This notice as well as the boil water notice was taken to each home that had the water shut off for this repair.  Please read these tips as well as the boil water notice before turning your water back on.

All homes on Shrewsbury as well as the following homes on Gilchrest are affected by this notice:

29680 Gilchrest, 29650 Gilchrest, 29630 Gilchrest, 29610 Gilchrest, 29570 Gilchrest, 29546 Gilchrest, 29567 Gilchrest, 29601 Gilchrest, 29621 Gilchrest, 29641 Gilchrest, 29661 Gilchrest,

Please also check our website at for the latest updates.  

Key items to know after the pressure is restored:

  • You can now turn on the water to your home.
  • The boil water notice will list the restrictions on water use and have most of the information you need to know.  
  • There will be air in the pipes.   It is suggested that you run the water at your home for about 30 minutes to flush out the air and sediment that might be stirred up due to the trapped air.  It is suggested to use a faucet close to the water line coming into your home for the flush point. An outside water faucet or laundry tub could be possible locations.  

Please contact us at if you have any questions.  



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Possible Water System Shutdown


** Due to an in-ground valve issue we might have to shut down part of our water system.**  

Key items to know:

  • You might want to store water for drinking, cooking, flushing toilets etc ASAP so you have a backup in case the water is shut off to your home.  Even water stored in your bathtub can be used for toilets.
  • The closer you live to the pump house the greater the chance that water will be shut off to your home.
  • We don’t know the amount of time to perform the repair but it is typically 1 to 2 days.
  • Once the water turned back on a boil water notice will be issued for a number of days.
  • There are a number of tests that are performed after the repair to make sure the water is safe to use and allow us to cancel the boil water notice.
  • A boil water notice will be taken to each home that is affected by the water shut down.  Check your front door area for the notice.  Additional information will be posted on the blog too
  • We also recommend shutting off the water valve on the water supply pipe in your basement if water is shut off to your home.  This will help to keep air from entering the water system.

The problem valves are close to the pump house and are not shutting off completely.  These are needed to shut off  water to the pump house and allow repairs to take place.  We are currently using Briarcliff’s water system.

We have a company coming out on Tuesday morning (March 26, 2019) to work on this problem.   They will first try to get the valves to work.   If they can not get them working properly they will have to replace them.   They will need to shut down part of the water system to allow them to dig up and replace these.  Again the closer your house is to the pump house the more likely water will be shut off to your home.

Contact us at if you have questions. 



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Water System Repair Scheduled – Tips


Hi Neighbors

We have a water pipe leaking in the pump house.   Because of the location of the leak our water system will be taken off line so the repairs can be performed.   During this time we will be connected to Briarcliff’s water system.   This is scheduled for Thursday, March 21, 2019 and should take about 5 days to come back on line.

The supply of water to your home will perform as normal while connected to Briarcliff’s water system you may notice a few things though:

  • Pressure might be a little higher.  They run slightly higher pressures than we do.  

  • Because the direction of water flow in the pipes might be different you might notice sediment in the water.  Many people find running the water at your home for some time clears up the sediment.

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Our email is


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Pet Walking – Please Pickup After Your Pet.


Being outside with your pet can be fun.   Walking your pet is great exercise for you and your pet.   You get to see your neighbors and just getting outside, in the fresh air is great.

Our pets also have to take care of their business during the walk.   We hope that all our neighbors will take the time and effort to clean up after your pet.  Special bags can be purchased for this at pet stores and online.  Please do your part and keep the neighborhood clean for everyone.



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Request to Lower Energy Use Due to Fire and High Demand

From WDIV News

Gretchen Whitmer made an emergency announcement.

The governor held a brief press conference Wednesday night to request that heat be turned down to 65 degrees through Friday before the alert was sent to cellphones.

Her request comes as utility companies call upon customers to reduce their gas usage.

“I’m coming to you now to ask for your help. Due to extremely high demand for natural gas with these record-low temperatures and a facility incident, Consumers Energy has asked that everyone who is able to turn down their thermostats through Friday at noon so we can all get through this with minimal harm,” Whitmer said.

Utility companies DTE and Consumers Energy have also been asking residents to reduce their natural gas use.

DTE cited the stability of the energy grid in its request. It asked customers to turn their thermostat down and wear additional layers of clothing, minimize use of electronics and turn off unnecessary lights.

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Neighborhood Road Refund

2019_0121 fk sad

As many of you know our neighborhood roads were repaved some years ago.  At that time the city paid for a small percentage of the cost to repave the roads but most of the cost was paid by the homeowners.   Each homeowner at that time became part of this Special Assessment District (SAD).   This allowed the homeowner to pay this by adding the cost to their property tax bill.  This could be paid over a number of years or all at once.

The last election changed all that.  Today, road maintenance is now the city’s responsibility.  There will be a property tax increase to all city property owners to create funds to support this.   Because of this change the city can no longer allow SADs.

The SAD for our neighborhood roads is still active so the city will be giving refunds to close out this SAD.   A mailing went out in early January to each homeowner with full details.  The photo above shows part of that letter that was sent.

Please note that your signatures need to be notarized.  City Hall does provide this service at no charge.   Please contact the city if you need more information.

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Keeping Safe on our Roads at Night


It is that time of year again.   Shorter days means longer nights.   For many people in our neighborhood that means taking that walk or bike ride in the neighborhood is doing it in the dark.    We don’t have sidewalks in our neighborhood so people and their animals are on the streets.  We have heard from some of our neighbors that they have had a hard time seeing people at night.   Here are some tips to keep everyone safe:

  • Wear bright or reflective clothing while on the streets.   This makes it easier for cars to see you.  Reflective vests are now available in many stores.  It might not the fashion statement of the year but it could save your life.
  • Use a light.   There are head lights and tail lights for bikes.   A walker can carry a flashlight or there are many different types of small inexpensive blinking lights for walkers and joggers.
  • Don’t assume a car sees you as it approaches.   Sometimes drivers just don’t see people as they drive.   They might be thinking about something else or distracted by something like their phone.   Keep as eye on the car as it passes and be ready to move off the road if needed.
  • For drivers, the speed traveling through the neighborhood makes big difference in reaction time.   The faster you go the less time you have to react to something seen at the last minute.  Slowing down can save lives.
  • Drivers can also use bright lights a little to help see what is coming up ahead.   Even turning the bright lights on for a second or two can show a person in the road that you might have missed with just the low beams.
  • Bad weather and wet roads makes it harder for drivers to see and harder to stop.   Another reason for drivers to slow down.

Those are just a few ideas on keeping our residents safe at night on the streets.   A quick search shows there are no shortage of pedestrians accident that can even cause death.


Please be safe out there!  Drivers please stay alert and look for people on the road as you travel our roads.  


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