Neighborhood Watch Update

Neighborhood Watch 1

Farmington Hills Police Department

City Hall Council Chambers Neighborhood Watch Meeting  3/7/2023

Notes taken by board member Maria Sabatini.  

At the Neighborhood Watch Meeting held on March 7, 2023 Chief of Police Jeff King was happy to report that Farmington Hills is consistently rated one of the safest cities and best cities to live in. Cities are rated on a number of criteria including crime rates. Chief King said Farmington Hills has seen a decrease in all crime categories except auto thefts and larceny from autos. He stressed the importance of always locking cars and never leaving valuables in plain view in a parked car. He also recommended that key fobs be kept a good distance from a house entrance because key fobs give off a signal which can be captured from several feet away and can be used to steal your car.

The chief answered questions from concerned residents regarding neighborhood issues including solicitors and speeding in neighborhoods and local highways. The police department encourages residents to be vigilant and call the police whenever they see any troubling activity in their neighborhoods. An officer will be dispatched for all 911 calls. Chief King said that officers will always follow safety precautions when making speeding stops: chasing speeders is dangerous and officers will not engage in highspeed chases. He said the police department can post signs and park a police car to deter speeding through neighborhoods.

He also encouraged residents to contact the police department about any solicitors who do not have a visible City permit. The city keeps a record of companies that violate this city ordinance and will take action. No soliciting signs can be posted in neighborhoods if requested.

He stressed that our police department is well staffed and they will respond to all 911 calls. There are several Neighborhood Watch meetings held throughout the year in the Council Chambers at City Hall at 31555 West Eleven Mile Road. Residents are encouraged to attend.

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