Compostables and Yard Waste Pickup Ends December 12th


Just a reminder that the last day for yard waste pickup this year is December 12, 2022.  

Yard waste pickup will end this year in Farmington Hills on your regularly scheduled pickup day during the week of December 12 – 16, 2022.

Starting December 19, yard waste cannot be picked up in accordance with the City’s refuse contract and Michigan laws governing yard waste disposal. Any accumulated yard waste should be stored until spring pickup resumes during the second full week of April 2023.

Acceptable yard waste includes leaves, grass, shrub clippings, twigs, and plant materials. There are three options available for yard waste disposal:

  1. Put yard waste in brown paper yard waste bags. Please do not overstuff bags.
  2. Use a mulching mower and recycle leaves and grass clippings back into the lawn.
  3. Small limbs (six inches in diameter or less) and brush must be tied in bundles that do not exceed four feet in length or weigh more than 60 pounds per bundle

Unbundled brush and large limbs will not be picked up. Brush or twigs placed in cans or bags should not stick out above the top of the container. Large quantities of dirt or sod are also not accepted for pickup.

If you have questions, please contact the Division of Public Works at 248-871-2850.

Farmington Hills Compostables and Yard Waste Notice 

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