Neighborhood Traffic Issues – Speeders Cutting Through the Sub


As you know, We have two major road construction projects near us.  This has resulted in many outsiders using our streets to ‘cut through’ to short cut the construction traffic.

Unfortunately, to make up for lost time, many of them think our streets are the autobahn.  This has resulted in a huge safety hazard for those of you living on those streets.  Here are some things that have been done in the past to help with this issue:

  • Signs posted in yards.   
  • Neighbors staggering parked cars on each side of the street to restrict traffic and slow it down. 
  • Calling the Farmington Hills Police Department to report speeders and request increased patrols in our sub.  

Here are the FHPD Phone #s to call to report your concerns:

All Non-emergency:  (248) 871-2600
or  Traffic Section:  (248) 871-2630

The more of us that call – the better !

Your FKHOA Board

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