Final Results – City of Farmington Hills Petition Drive – Public Water Mains in the Franklin Knolls Subdivision.

The city of Farmington Hills sent us a letter with the final results of the petition drive to provide public water mains in the Franklin Knolls Subdivision.

The letter states that 7 out of 138 (5%) property owners were in support of public watermain. With this in mind, the City will not proceed with the Franklin Knolls Public Watermain project at this time since majority support was not obtained.

We have added the letter to the City Water Conversion Engineering Study and Cost page of our website. You can find this on the Water System page under the Services drop down menu. 

Here is a direct link to the letter

If you have any questions please email us at  For city of Farmington Hills related questions please contact  Mirandi Alexander,  248.871.2564,  

Franklin Knolls HOA Board 

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