2021 Water Quality Report is now Available on our Website

The 2021 Water Quality Report describing the source and quality of your drinking water is now available on our website.  Here is a direct link:

2021 Water Quality Report

A paper copy of this report is available upon request. Please contact a board member or send us an email with your name and the address if you would like a paper copy of the report sent to you. You can email us and/or find our contact information here.

Water Quality information will be sent electronically to all homeowners with an email address on file. The fall newsletter will also have a summary article about this water report. A paper copy of this newsletter will be sent to all homeowners of Franklin Knolls.

The Water Quality Report is required by the State of Michigan and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  It is based on testing of our water system taken by Douglas Environmental Services. Water samples are taken monthly and tested to check the quality of our water on a regular basis. We also have a mechanical inspection done regularly to help keep our water system operational and the backup systems ready when needed.

We recently performed our spring flush out of the water system and have two more flushings planned for this summer and fall. Home lines need to be flushed out as well. Without flushing, home water lines can become restricted which can lead to a costly repair for the homeowner.  A quick and easy water flow measurement test at your home can help determine the amount of sediment buildup in the service line to your home.  Information on this and other tips are available here on our website.

We hope you find the report beneficial and reassuring that the water provided to your home meets or exceeds government standards. Let us know if you have any questions. There are also government agency phone numbers in the report.


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