Petition Drive – City Water Conversion – Chairperson Contact Maria Sabatini

Maria Sabatini contacted the HOA and offered to be the chairperson for the petition for public water mains in the Franklin Knolls Subdivision.

Please contact Maria if you would like to sign the petition. She is also asking for help in circulating the petitions to the homeowners.

You can contact Maria via phone or text at 248-515-8546

All homeowners received this petition from the city in the mail. These can also be signed and returned directly to the city but please remember:

  • Name of property owner(s) or property owner’s spouse must be printed below his/her signature 
  • Each petition must be signed and notarized by circulator

The special assessment petition must be returned to the city by 6/20/22 with more than 50% of the homeowners signatures for the proposal to move forward.  Please note that the special assessment area excludes homes on Middlebelt Rd and 14 Mile Rd.  

The City of Farmington Hills recorded the 4/19/22 water conversion meeting. The  video is available for viewing on YouTube.  Documents from that meeting were given to attendees of the meeting.  If you were not able to attend the meeting, the city stated that they would mail the documents to all homeowners not in attendance.  We have added a new City Water Conversion Engineering Study and Cost page to our website that has these documents and the video link.   You can find this on the Water System page under the Services drop down menu.  We will also have a blog post with these links.  

If you have any questions please email us at  For city of Farmington Hills related questions please contact  Mirandi Alexander,  248.871.2564,  

Franklin Knolls HOA Board 

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