Blog Friends – Help Your Neighbor

Please help us make sure important communication via the blog gets to every homeowner/resident in the neighborhood.

If you are reading this blog then you are one of the many homeowners/residents that have signed up for our blog posts. The FKHOA board thanks you for that. These blog posts are our main communication tool for the homeowners and residents.

While the percentage of homeowners/residents who have signed up for blog posts is growing every year, not everyone in the neighborhood has done so. Some of our information in the blog is simply nice to know, but some is very important (i.e. water notices).  These important messages are why we came up with this “Blog Friends” idea.

We are asking any homeowner/resident that does not have a way to get electronic blog notices to speak with their neighbors. Chances are someone near them is getting the updates and would be happy to share important information. Details about this “Blog  Friends” idea was included in the last newsletter, which was included with the April billing.

It is our hope that people already receiving blog posts, like yourself, will also speak with their neighbors about updates. Important messages don’t happen very often. When they do, helping others know what they are is part of being neighborly. 

Thank You
Your FKHOA Board

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