Adding New Sprinkler Systems Could Create Capacity Issues with our Water System

Homeowners in our neighborhood have asked about adding in-ground sprinkler systems on their property.  There have been a number of requests for this over the years.   Currently we do not allow additional in-ground sprinkler systems.  The HOA board understands why many homeowners want this.   It is so much easier than moving a hose around the yard.   But because it is easier to use, it could also increase the demand on our water system.  This additional demand is why there are concerns about our water system having enough water capacity.

Our restrictions on sprinkler systems went in place many years ago.   We are unaware of any documents that state why this went into effect but we assume it was a capacity concern.   In 2002 the DEQ was asked again to look at the capacity of our water system in regard to installation of new in-ground watering systems.  A review was done and a letter was sent stating we did not have the well capacity to support additional sprinkler systems.  Here is a link to that letter.
2002 DEQ Sprinkler Water System Capacity 

We asked Tiffany to look at our system to see if she thought we had enough capacity to support additional sprinkler systems.  Tiffany also has concerns about our well having enough capacity to support more sprinkler systems.   Here is the reply from Tiffany
2020 EGLE Sprinkler Water System Capacity

The letter also states that we could have an engineering study done.  We did consider this but we feel there is a very small chance that the engineering study would be much different from what was already presented to us.  We are also working with the city to get a cost estimate on converting to city water.   If we do convert to a city water system, in-ground sprinklers should be allowed.

We also reviewed input from our previous Representative Jaiye who did think we had the capacity to add more sprinklers.  We asked her to come talk to us at the annual meeting but she left her position before that could happen.  The other input was from Briarcliff who has a water system very similar to ours.  They also state that in-ground water systems are not allowed due to the capacity of the water system.

The board reviewed all the inputs and has decided at this time to keep our current restrictions on sprinkler systems and not allow any new in-ground watering systems to be installed.  We wish we could allow it but we feel the extra demand on our system and it’s designed capacity could create many problems and possible additional repair costs to the HOA

The Franklin Knolls HOA Board

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