UPDATE – City Water Conversion – Petition to get Cost Estimate

UPDATE – As of Sunday, June 7, 2020 we have received 32 petitions back from the homeowners.
We need 47 petitions (30% of homeowners) for the city to conduct the engineering study/cost estimate of the water system. 

If you would like to know what the cost would be to have city water brought to our homes please send in your completed and signed petition.  Again this Engineering Study/Cost Estimate will be done at no cost to the homeowners. 

**We need 15 more petitions to move forward with this.   
The deadline is June 15, 2020. ** 


The previous blog post is below with the full details including a link to the petition form

Cost Estimate for Connecting to Farmington Hills City Water System.   

A special petition mailing is being sent to each home in the neighborhood.   Below are the the details in this mailing.  Look for this coming to your mailbox soon.

At our November 2019 annual meeting it was decided that the Board should research cost to convert from our current Well System to City Water. Board Members met with Jim Cubera and City of Farmington Hills engineers on 2/4/20. To proceed the city needs 30% of property owners to sign a petition that they are interested in what the cost might be. Once enough signatures are received, a cost analysis will be done. To complete the cost analysis takes several months. Once the analysis is complete an informational meeting with property owners will be held.

Typically, circulation of a petition would be done door-to-door. With our current situation the city has authorized us to get signatures through the mail.

Signing the petition does not cost the property owner, nor does it obligate them to convert. It simply means that you are interested in what the cost might be.

If you would like to proceed with requesting that the city develop cost estimates, please complete and sign the petition coming to you in the mail.

You can also download the form from this link

City Water Conversion – Petition to get Cost Estimate

Please return the completed and signed petition by 6/15/20 to:

Franklin Knolls HOA
32000 Shrewsbury
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

You can also hand deliver the petition to our mailbox at the above address.   Just insert the form in the slot behind the door of the mailbox.

Once we receive the requisite signatures they will be forwarded to the City of Farmington Hills.

If you have any questions please email us at FranklinKnollsHOA@gmail.com .

Franklin Knolls HOA Board


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