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Franklin Knolls NEW Lending Library – DESIGN CONTEST!

The HOA board has been working on setting up a new lending library for our neighborhood.   We found an old Detroit News newspaper box for our lending library.  Now we need to come up with a design that speaks our neighborhood.

We thought that a design contest could be a fun thing to do right now with many people staying at home.   So we are looking for input from our residents in the neighborhood on how this box should be painted.   This will be installed near the pump house.   Possibly on a bench or a riser so it is easier to see the books inside.   We are looking at adding an angled roof on it to keep water out.   Here is a picture of one with the roof attached as well as a raised base.

There are lots of images on the internet of designs for lending libraries like this with old newspaper boxes.   We have included some of them below.

We look forward to seeing all the designs from our neighborhood.

The winning design will receive $50.00.

You can find a template for your creative design at this link:

Design Template  

Once your design is completed, please mail it to the HOA (address below), drop it off at the neighborhood mailbox or you can email to the board.   You can contact every board member with one email to FranklinKnollsHOA@gmail.com.

We will have more details on the winning selection process in a future blog post.   Be sure to submit your entries before the deadline.

The contest ends on June 1, 2020

** Don’t forget to include your contact information with your design.   If you have a name for your theme include that as well.**

Thank You
Your Franklin Knolls HOA Board

Franklin Knolls HOA
32000 Shrewsbury St
Farmington Hills, MI   48334

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