2019 Annual Meeting Minutes, Newsletter and More Available on Our Website

Looking for a good read while staying at home?

Our website might not be considered a good read by most but it does have lots of information for our residents.

Didn’t make it to the last annual meeting?   You can read the minutes on our website.   You will find this under the Neighborhood drop down menu.   Here is a direct link to the 2019 annual meeting minutes .   There is information from previous years annual meetings too.

Paper copies of our newsletters are sent out each spring and fall, usually with the billing.   Didn’t have time to read them before but maybe now you do?   You can find all of these online again under the Neighborhood drop down menu.  This includes the new Spring 2020 newsletter.

There is lots of other information on there too about our water system, by-laws, neighborhood watch program, even history of the subdivision.   We hope you take a little time and take a look.


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