Fire Hydrant Replacement Update




As you probably know, we have 3 fire hydrants in the neighborhood that need to be replaced.   We have been notified that the parts have been delivered and installation can be scheduled. 

Because of the holiday celebrations in December we have asked that the installation of these be delayed at least until January.  We will review the schedule, weather conditions etc in January and decide how to move forward then. 

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates.    Thanks 

Repair Details

**This will require the water system to be shut down in the areas of the repairs. **

A letter and map is included in the annual meeting notice mailing that went to all residents of Franklin Knolls.  Here are links to those items:

Hydrant Replacement Letter

Map with hydrant replacement locations and what we believe will be affected homes


We hope this will be a 1 day repair.   Updates will be posted here on our blog.

Thank you


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