Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted


A  boil water notice was previously given to the following homes on 10/10/19: 

All homes on Shrewsbury

The boil water advisory is no longer in effect at these addresses.  All testing of our water is now complete and no issues were found.   Everyone in our subdivision may now use your water as you normally would. 

We would like say Thank You to everyone for understanding the situation.   We do everything we can to keep the system up and running.  In this case we had no choice but to shut down part of the system to make the necessary repairs.  As you probably know, a shut down of the water system is a very rare occurrence in our neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way.

The test results came in faster than expected.   Because one of the water test samples had to take place on the weekend we made special arrangements to get a water sample to the lab on Saturday.   The lab is closed on Sunday so we did not expect results until Monday.  Aquatest opened the lab today (Sunday) to get us the results today instead of Monday.   So a special THANK YOU to Geoff from Aquatest for the special treatment.

Also Thank You to our residents for working with us and to our contractor D’Angelo Brothers for doing their part and getting the job done.

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