Shrewsbury St. Repairs Complete. Boil Water Advisory for Affected Homes


Water system hydrant/valve replacement is now complete – The water was shut off to some homes in the neighborhood and has now been turned back on.  The homes listed below were given notice that they need to boil their water.


If you do not live on Shrewsbury then you can continue to use your water as you would normally.

———–Notice given to each home under the boil water notice———————-

Boil Water Notice

Water System Tips for Turning Back On the Water to Your Home


A boil water notice was taken to each home that had the water shut off for this repair.  Please read these tips as well as the boil water notice before turning your water back on.

Please also check our website at for the latest updates.

Key items to know after the pressure is restored:

  • You can now turn on the water to your home.
  • The boil water notice will list the restrictions on water use and have most of the information you need to know.
  • There might be air in the pipes.   It is suggested that you run the water at your home for about 30 minutes to flush out the air and sediment that might be stirred up due to the trapped air.  It is suggested to use a faucet close to the water line coming into your home for the flush point. An outside water faucet or laundry tub could be possible locations.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

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