Community Wide Garage Sale – Get Ready

comm garage sale sign

It’s On!   Our Subdivision Wide Garage Sale is on the weekend of June 1, 2019.   We had a great turn out last year and we are doing it again.   We have a bunch of residents stating that they will participate.   The official day for the sub garage sale is on Saturday but some homes will be doing the whole weekend and not just Saturday.

Let us know if you will be participating too.  Still time to add your home to the list.    The subdivision will be:

  • Advertising the sub wide garage sale.  We will be advertising on many online sites.  **Give us pictures of your high demand items and we will try to include them in the advertising.** 
  • Setting up our sandwich board signs at the entrances about a week before the event.

Doing your own ad is also welcomed.   You can get into more specifics about what you are selling and the days/time of your sale etc.  You can not have too much advertising.




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