2019 Annual Meeting and Proxy Forms

Our Annual Meeting is this Wednesday,

November 13, 2019, 7:00 pm

30303 W. 14 MILE RD., Farmington Hills

We hope to see you there

If you can not attend we would appreciate you returning the proxy form.  This was sent in the annual meeting mailing.   This can also be found online on the last page of the agenda.   Here is a link. 

Proxy Form

This completed form can be dropped off at the FK mailbox at 32000 Shrewsbury, gave to anyone attending the annual meeting or by contacting a board member.   An email to FranklinKnollsHOA@gmail.com will send a message to all the board members.

Remember we will need the forms prior to the meeting. 

Thank You  



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Fire Hydrant Replacement Coming Soon



We have 3 fire hydrants in the neighborhood that need to be replaced.   Parts are on order and we will let you know ASAP when the scheduled repair will take place.

**This will require the water system to be shut down in the areas of the repairs. **

A letter and map is included in the annual meeting notice mailing that went to all residents of Franklin Knolls.  Look for that in your mail soon.  Here are links to those items:

Hydrant Replacement Letter

Map with hydrant replacement locations and what we believe will be affected homes


We hope this will be a 1 day repair.   Updates will be posted here on our blog.

Thank you


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2019 Annual Meeting – November 13, 2019

Franklin Knolls Homeowners Association  Annual Meeting

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 7:00 pm

30303 W. 14 MILE RD., Farmington Hills

We hope that you will be able to join us for our annual meeting.   It typically lasts one to two hours and there will be light refreshments.  See the agenda for more details.
The Meeting Agenda and the Subdivision Financial Statements are mailed to each homeowner.   These are also available on  the website under the drop down menu “Neighborhood“. Please bring all of these items with you.

**Come on out and show support for your neighborhood. **

Included in the annual meeting documents is a Proxy form that can be used by homeowners that are not able to attend the meeting.


Direct link to Annual Meeting Documents
2018 Meeting Minutes

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Water System Flushing Saturday, October 19th (9am – 1pm)

Water System Flushing Saturday,  October 19th

Periodically, mineral deposits from our water system are flushed out of our water system lines utilizing the neighborhood fire hydrants.  This work is typically done 3 times a year.  The work is done by HOA board members and neighborhood volunteers on a Saturday morning starting at 9:00 a.m. until approximately 1 p.m.

  • Signage will be posted near the entrances of the sub approximately 1 week in advance.
  • During this time frame you should shut off the water to your house (valve in the basement near your sump pump).  You should not use your water during this time
  • After the flushing is complete, you should run the hoses outside your house to clear any residual deposits.
  • **NEW – A limited number of participants will receive a credit to their HOA account for helping with the flushing.   This will be available on a first come first served basis.   Let us know if you are willing to help.

Any questions pertaining to our drinking water, our water system, or the above recommendations please see our Contact Us page.

More info on what you can do to care for your lines to your home can be found on our website on the “Services” menu.   Here is a direct link

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Boil Water Advisory Has Been Lifted


A  boil water notice was previously given to the following homes on 10/10/19: 

All homes on Shrewsbury

The boil water advisory is no longer in effect at these addresses.  All testing of our water is now complete and no issues were found.   Everyone in our subdivision may now use your water as you normally would. 

We would like say Thank You to everyone for understanding the situation.   We do everything we can to keep the system up and running.  In this case we had no choice but to shut down part of the system to make the necessary repairs.  As you probably know, a shut down of the water system is a very rare occurrence in our neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way.

The test results came in faster than expected.   Because one of the water test samples had to take place on the weekend we made special arrangements to get a water sample to the lab on Saturday.   The lab is closed on Sunday so we did not expect results until Monday.  Aquatest opened the lab today (Sunday) to get us the results today instead of Monday.   So a special THANK YOU to Geoff from Aquatest for the special treatment.

Also Thank You to our residents for working with us and to our contractor D’Angelo Brothers for doing their part and getting the job done.

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Shrewsbury St. Repairs Complete. Boil Water Advisory for Affected Homes


Water system hydrant/valve replacement is now complete – The water was shut off to some homes in the neighborhood and has now been turned back on.  The homes listed below were given notice that they need to boil their water.


If you do not live on Shrewsbury then you can continue to use your water as you would normally.

———–Notice given to each home under the boil water notice———————-

Boil Water Notice

Water System Tips for Turning Back On the Water to Your Home


A boil water notice was taken to each home that had the water shut off for this repair.  Please read these tips as well as the boil water notice before turning your water back on.

Please also check our website at www.FranklinKnollsHOA.com for the latest updates.

Key items to know after the pressure is restored:

  • You can now turn on the water to your home.
  • The boil water notice will list the restrictions on water use and have most of the information you need to know.
  • There might be air in the pipes.   It is suggested that you run the water at your home for about 30 minutes to flush out the air and sediment that might be stirred up due to the trapped air.  It is suggested to use a faucet close to the water line coming into your home for the flush point. An outside water faucet or laundry tub could be possible locations.

Please contact us at FranklinKnollsHOA@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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Shrewsbury Repair Target Date Thursday, October 10th.


We are targeting the water system repair to take place on

Thursday, October 10, 2019.  

We have a fire hydrant on Shrewsbury that needs to be replaced along with a bad isolation valve in the same area.  The repair should take less than one day. Once the water is turned back on, these homes will be under a boil water advisory until water samples are tested.

Key items to know:

  • You might want to store water for drinking, cooking, flushing toilets etc ASAP so you have a backup in case the water is shut off to your home.  Even water stored in your bathtub can be used for toilets.
  • The targeted homes are on Shrewsbury but there is a possibility of this area could become larger if there is a problem shutting down the water lines in that area.
  • We don’t know the amount of time to perform the repair but it is typically 1 day.
  • Once the water turned back on a boil water notice will be issued for a number of days.
  • There are a number of tests that are performed after the repair to make sure the water is safe to use and allow us to cancel the boil water notice.
  • A boil water notice will be taken to each home that is affected by the water shut down.  Check your front door area for the notice.  Additional information will be posted on the blog too
  • We also recommend shutting off the water valve on the water supply pipe in your basement if water is shut off to your home.  This will help to keep air from entering the water system.
  • Once the water is back on to your home it is suggested to turn on an outside water for at least 30 minutes to help in flushing out the system.
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There are some required repairs coming soon to the water system.  We are targeting the week of October 7.  A more exact date will be posted here as we get closer to that week. 

This will require the water to be shut off in the area of the repair. We expect the water shut off to be limited to homes on Shrewsbury. 

We have a fire hydrant on Shrewsbury that needs to be replaced along with a bad isolation valve in the same area.  The repair should take less than one day. Once the water is turned back on, these homes will be under a boil water advisory until water samples are tested. 

Stay tuned to our blog on our website for details. Details of the boil water advisory will also be posted on the front door of the homes affected by the advisory.

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Middlebelt Road Closure

The Maple Road closure at Middlebelt has been in place for some time now.  The next phase of construction just started and closed down Middlebelt Road north of 14 Mile too.  Now both of these detours will utilize 14 Mile.  This increase in traffic on 14 Mile might cause traffic backups.  As a result, we might also see an increase in cut-through traffic.

We worked with the city earlier in the year to get a baseline traffic count in our neighborhood.   We can ask them to come back and take another count if the cut-through traffic increases a lot.

The city is willing to work with us to help monitor speeders in the neighborhood too.  If you see cut through traffic speeding through the subdivision please call the city dispatch at 248-871-2610


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Landscape Oversight Team Volunteers

landscape 2.jpg

As you probably know we have been working to improve the curb appeal of our subdivision entrances and other common areas in Franklin Knolls.   We have been working with our landscape company, United Lawnscape, to make that happen.   We have some additional improvements coming this fall too.

We are doing a little at a time to keep costs down.   We also want to keep the improvements looking good and that is where we can help each other.  We are looking for neighborhood volunteers to help keep these areas looking nice.  Simple things like making sure new plants are watered for the first few weeks after planting can make a world of difference in how the plant looks or even if it lives.

As a team we can decide if we want to go a step farther and do a neighborhood planting day.  This could be fun getting more of the community involved in improving our curb appeal and save some money along the way too.  Want to help?   Let us know by sending an email to FranklinKnollsHOA@gmail.com or talk to a board member.   We would love to have you be part of the team.

Fall is a great time to plant and we have a few sources that we might even be able to get some free plants for this.


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